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1990-1991 College Catalog
2010-2011 College Catalog
P'an Ku, 50th Anniversary Issue (1964–2014)
Town and Gown Musical Extravaganza
The Omni Building
George Gore Art Exhibit
Members of the college family also gathered for a 30th anniversary group photo
Among the events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the college in 1990 was a picnic
P'an Ku, 40th Anniversary Issue (1964–2004)
Sheldon J. Schlesinger Hall
Judson A. Samuels Campus
Robert E. Ferris Center
Chester Handleman Hall
John H. Payne Hall
George E. Mayer Gymnasium
Gene A. Whiddon Hall
Joe B. Rushing Hall
In 1980, as part of the college's 20th birthday celebration
The Observer, October 27, 2020.  Volume 36, Issue 5
Central Campus Provost Dr. Patricia Caldwell, Trustees Cheryl Krause and Georgette Sosa Douglass, and Dr. Holcombe cut the ribbon