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A high school dropout, Gary Farmer came to realize the importance of higher education
Arden Dicky, assistant vice president for circulation and call centers for Knight-Ridder Newspapers, is another recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award
Whether back on campus or out in the community, BCC graduates distinguish themselves in many fields
Kimara March, who had been home-schooled until she began classes at BCC
Alumni Organized At Junior College
Electronic engineer Terry Glatt was awarded his Distinguished Alumni Award in 1996
Dr. Deborah Sloan, a counselor at South Campus
BCC graduates are local, state, and national leaders
Under the direction of Dr. William Greene, a BCC graduate
Some of BCC's best and brightest have returned to the college
Evelyn Hardy, born in poverty in rural Alabama, used BCC as a stepping stone to higher education
Carlton Moore, a Fort Lauderdale city commissioner, is also among BCC's Distinguished Award winners
Charles Lyle, South Campus Student Life coordinator
Author and screenwriter Rita Mae Brown, a member of the Class of 1965
Two-term Maryland governor Parris Glendening was named one the AACC's Outstanding Alumni Award
In her autobiography, Rita Will: Memoir of a Literary Rabble-Rouser, author, screenwriter, and BCC alumna Rita Mae Brown
The things that make BCC faculty and administrators most proud are the accomplishments of the students