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A case study of ocean acidification and South Florida’s coral reefs.
A literature review of ocean acidification’s effect on coral calcification rates and skeletal growth.
AGRRA protocols and coral reef health in the Caribbean
Delaware state soil - Greenwich
Determining the extent of saltwater influence on groundwater in Dr. Von D. Mizell Eula Johnson State Park.
Establishing a Long term Monitoring Plan for Hallandale Beach, Florida Nearshore Coral Reef Habitats.
Evaluating different methods to determine a cause for reproductive failure in Lobatus gigas.
Florida’s infamous invaders: the impact of the green iguana in South Florida
Generation of tsunamis from earthquakes: a  literature review
How will the predicted ocean temperatures of 2100, impact larval development of Lobatus (Strombus) gigas in the Caribbean region?
Miamian Ohio’s state soil.
Monitoring coral bleaching and disease through the Southeast Florida Action Network BleachWatch program.
Paxton series: the state soil of Massachusetts
The Atlantic Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) fish protocols
The music experience and its influence on cognitive function measured with EEG